How Much Fiber in Broccoli & What You Need to Know About This Component

How Much Fiber in Broccoli & What You Need to Know About This Component

How Much Fiber in Broccoli & What You Need to Know About This Component

Does broccoli have fiber? Among the components that are found in broccoli (protein & calories), there is fiber too. When it comes to nutrients, we are sure that you must have come across many sources mentioning it over and over again. Well, it is one of the important components needed for our body after all. We need good intake of it for our body to function properly.

How much fiber in broccoli then? You must have concern about it if you know its importance already. However, let’s just make things clear in this opportunity and open your eyes to see how much we need the fiber.

The amount meets up to 10% of our daily need of it. It is good veggie to eat with health benefits that you can’t just ignore.

Fiber and Its Contribution for Our Body
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By definition, fiber is a substance that travels through the body as waste. Our body can’t digest it after all. As you might have known, it helps the contents of your bowels to pass through your body easily. This fact shows that we can’t live without fiber.

A lot of health issues are associated with the lack of this component. So, it is important to get good intake of it every day. Despite our body being unable to digest it, there is actually one benefit that you might want to know about it.

It is about fiber’s ability to slow down digestion. That way, you will feel full much longer than usual. For those who are fighting against stubborn fat in their body, fiber is what you need to help you avoid craving for more foods.

Other than this though, broccoli fiber contribution can reach all the way to lowering the risk of getting heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and constipation. What can you ask more from this component? Now that you know clearly what fiber is, you have to keep good intake of it right in every single day.

Fiber Amount Totaled from the Broccoli

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Is broccoli high in fiber? Speaking about its amount contained in broccoli, there is up to 2.4 grams of fiber in it to be exact. It is the measurement totaled from one cup of this veggie. Actually, when it comes to fiber, it is separated into 2 kinds. They are the soluble and insoluble one.

So, if we have to separate the amount of each kind, you just need to split the total amount of fiber there is into two evenly. It might seem a small amount to you, but we can say that it is about 10% of our daily value of fiber.

Now that we put the amount into percentage, you know it is not that small of amount, right? Yes, you can absolutely get good intake of it from consuming broccoli. In fact, vegetables do have this component in them after all.

Broccoli fiber component also exists in fruits and brown bread. Switch from one to another in your diet and you won’t get bored of eating good sources of fiber for our body. If you care about your health, be sure to not forget having broccoli on your plate every day.