Homemade Beauty Tips For New Mothers

new mother beauty tips

After giving birth, many mothers feel a flood of emotions. Now that your new bundle of joy is here your thoughts are probably centered around a number of things such as taking care of your baby, feeding times, getting together with family and friends to welcome the new addition to your family, etc. However, new mothers should also allow time to focus on themselves. The following beauty tips don’t require a lot of time or effort and can be done right at home so it won’t take any time away from your little one.

There is a homemade beauty remedy for virtually every part of your body. Are you concerned about your hands and feet? For many women, pregnancy is a time when they are not able to tend to their extremities as much as they would like, mainly the feet. It isn’t uncommon for pregnant women to joke that they have not seen their feet in months. To an extent this is true. A growing belly makes it difficult for a new mother to effectively take care of her feet or even bend down to touch them.

One home remedy that works for the feet include using shea butter that is either refined or unrefined as a moisturizer. This is a natural and safe way to fight dry, cracked skin and with prolonged use it can even soften rough calluses. Apply a generous amount of shea butter to your feet before and after your bath or shower to get the best results. If your feet and/or hands are extremely dry and cracked, you can apply the shea butter to the area and then cover it up with a pair of cotton socks or cotton gloves. Wearing these while you sleep will allow the shea butter to deeply penetrate the skin.

Need to revitalize your complexion? You can accomplish this without even leaving the house. If you are having problems with blackheads or clogged pores you can use a soft nailbrush and apply a gentle foaming cleanser to remove dirt, oil and other surface debris from your complexion and tighten your pores. This type of cleansing is gentle on the skin and doesn’t require any chemicals. When it comes to your face you can even use certain baby products in your skincare routine. For example, baby wipes can effectively remove deodorant from your clothes. Additionally, baby wipes are great for removing makeup.

Because your complexion tends to undergo many changes during pregnancy and after giving birth, you may want to switch up your skincare products. Make a note of how your skin reacts to the products you regularly use. If a negative reaction develops or if your skin no longer responds, then it may be time to look into getting new products. One way to achieve glowing skin from head to toe is to continue to make water your beverage of choice. Adding a diet rich in antioxidants and free of refined foods is another way you can get healthy skin.