Exposed Skin Care: Natural Acne Solution


Natural acne treatment is simple, cheap and has no side effects. It is a type of treatment which one might easily escape a visit to dermatologist. All it needs is a regular and balanced diet. It does not mean having food something different from usual, but the food rich in nutrition according to one’s suitability.

Oily food including fried stuff and junk food should be avoided. Even full cream should be kept away and in place skimmed milk may be had. Sugar and sweet lovers are too advised to abandon their desire for more and more sweet.

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Sea foods are rich in iodine and hence can spurt growth of acne. So it is better to distance oneself from this stuff. To make up for the loss by renouncement, fruits and vegetables especially root vegetables rich in fiber should be taken in plenty. Since the fiber makes the digestive system smooth and stops formation of toxins inside the body, it should be taken in large quantity.

Researches have shown that person suffering from acne has deficit of Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Having diet rich in these vitamins will surely yield a long term relief from acne. Vitamin A sources are lemon, sweet potatoes, carrots, collard greens, milk, spinach, apple, apricots, melon, mango, liver and leafy vegetables. Sources of Vitamin E are vegetable oil (palm oil, sun flower, corn soybean) and olive oil. Some other good sources are nuts, sunflower seeds, sea buck thorn berries, kiwi fruit, wheat germ and green leafy vegetables.

The suitability and appropriateness of diet vary from individual to individual, so only you are the best judge to decide what nutritional diet or stuff suits your body demands. Through experiments and observances you may get a vivid idea about concluding a balanced diet according to the needs of your body.

Some of the researchers have claimed that mental stress and lack of proper sleep contribute to flourishing acne. It would be good to have a sound sleep and try to lessen your stress. It is also a generalization that excess secretion of hormones cause thrust acne’s appearance on the skin.

Wash your skin twice daily, if it is oily. Use glycerin soap or any anti germ soap which will flush out unwanted dwellers from your skin. Several cleansers are also available in the market that could help you.Yet, you do not get the result from these inclusions and exclusions from your routine and find acne’s status same as it was earlier, do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist.