How Many People Get Acne?

Acne, scars and keloids in the face of a man.

Around 90 percent of people will get acne at some stage of their lives. 10 percent are going to be very lucky indeed. Acne is more common during teenage years but is known to happen across all ages. Adult acne, is becoming increasingly popular.

Acne is a disease of the skin which can be painful for those suffering from moderate to severe acne. If it is severe enough acne can and has the ability to leave permanent scars in the affected areas of the skin. Across the world there are thousand of proclaimed acne cures, prescribed medications have a majority success rate but do fail a lot of the times.

The most disturbing fact about acne is the psychological factors it can bring on such as anxiety, depression and possibly suicide. The best bit of advice i have read on the subject of acne, is not to be down about your face now, just think about the future when your face will be clear.

Another problem from those who are suffering from acne, is the people they are hanging around. Sure acne is popular and a lot of people around will have it to, but there will always be those people who make bad remarks not knowing how big the implications can be on someones confidence, mood and outlook on life.

It is best said that acne is only a disease of the skin. It may not be something you want, but there are a lot of things worse in life, including more serious illnesses and diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, kidney failure, diabetes and other diseases.

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Does Alcohol Affect Acne?

Well my experience, told me that alchahol does not affect acne. I drank heaps of beer, carlton draught, coopers pale ale, crown lager, everything you could think of. I also drank a lot of bourbon and coke, mainly cougars and had numerous vodka and other shots such as bloody marys and long island ice teas. And although i didn’t know what was in them and how to make then i realized a simple factor that they were not affecting my acne at all. So alchahol did not affect my skin, it affected other ares of my body such as my internal organs obviously, but did not have a profound affect on my skin.

If your thinking about drinking, but worried it might affect your acne well mak a judgement call, and you decide.