How To Find The Right Hair Salon

hair salon

Finding the right hair salon is like finding the right car mechanic to work with. You’ll only want to bring your car to someone you trust who is dependable, affordable and has you and your car’s best interest at heart. The same goes with your lovely locks. Not all hair salons will be a perfect match for you and your hair’s needs so it’s important to take the time out to find just the right fit.

First, you’ll want a salon that is conveniently located near where you live or work. Who wants to take a road trip for a hair cut? Drive around your area and take note of the various hair salons that undoubtedly will crop up. Once you know where the hair salons are now it’s time to go into each one and find out what they are all about.

One of the most important factors to keep in mind is cleanliness and good customer service. You’ll want a hair salon with employees that are friendly, personable and make you feel comfortable. When you walk through the doors, make note of whether you are warmly greeted right away or if it takes a while for someone to acknowledge you (of course if the salon is busy, that may be a reason for the lack of greeting).

Look around the salon and make sure that establishment is free of dust, spider webs, grime and mold. The floors should be fairly clean and the work stations should be orderly. If you get the chance, ask to go to the bathroom and take note of the cleanliness there. Even if you don’t plan on using the restroom during your appointments, you can tell a lot about a business by the way the company and the employees maintain the restroom. You’ll want a hair stylist with clean hands and good hygiene!

Also take note of the prices. Some hair salons are a lot pricier than others and you’ll want to find a place where the rates are reasonable, especially if you intend on visiting occasionally. Of course you do get what you pay for so avoid choosing the cheapest salon where the quality of the work isn’t good.

Once you think you’ve found a good match, make an appointment with a hair stylist. This can be the tricky part because in order to have an enjoyable experience at any hair salon, it helps to have the same person as your stylist each time that can become familiar with your hair. You can consider this part of the process as trial and error. Not sure you want to try the trial and error route? Then talk to the manager or the person at the front desk and explain your hair care routine, the type of looks/style you like and ask them to recommend a hair stylist that would best suit your needs.

Another alternative to finding the right hair salon is to ask your family, friends or coworkers. Have a friend with fabulous hair 24/7? Ask her what salon she goes to and/or which stylist she works with. Personal references are always helpful since it gives you the chance to try a stylist whose work you’ve already seen. Have your friend go with you or mention to the stylist that you were referred to by a friend. Word-of-mouth referrals are always appreciated by hair salons and this will guarantee you get the best treatment.


Hair Transplant Surgery – Is It Worth The Money?

Hair Transplant

Alopecia (excessive or abnormal hair loss) is a concern not only for men but for women as well (approximately 40%). As we know, in the past, men and women experiencing extensive hair loss relied on wigs or toupees, which in some cases created artificial results. Fortunately, there are hair restoration techniques available for both men and women to help re-grow hair, including hair restoration surgery (HTS).

The first HTS was performed in Japan in the late 1930’s by a dermatologist named Dr. Okuda, who created a “punch” technique for burn victims. This technique involved extraction of round sections of skin with hair that were then placed into small holes perforated into burn areas. The expected outcome after these “skin grafts” healed was that they would continue to grow hair in previously bald areas, including the scalp.

In 1943, HTS was refined by another Japanese dermatologist named Dr. Tamura, who took Dr. Okuda’s technique a step further by using smaller grafts of skin containing 1-3 hairs from areas of “donor tissue.” These two techniques were put aside during World War II, but in 1952, a New York dermatologist named Dr. Norman Orentiech performed the first HTS in the U.S. on a male patient who suffered from male pattern baldness.

In 1959, Dr. Orentiech published his findings in a New York science journal stating that the back and sides of the head were the most resistant to hair loss. But for all his research and work, Dr. Orentiech’s technique and teachings were soon categorized as a cosmetic procedure, and in starting in the early 1960’s, hair loss surgeries were being performed by numerous doctors, but the outcomes usually resulted in unsuccessfully natural looking hair.

However, HTS became more refined in the early 1990’s due to modern technology. One procedure that came out of the 1990’s is follicular unit micro grafting, or, follicular unit transplantation, which was derived from Dr. Tamura’s technique and created virtually undetectable results.

HTS is performed by transferring DHT-resistant hair from donor sites of a person’s own body, usually the crown and sides of the head (where the hair continues to grow). These areas of donated skin are called grafts that contain 1-3 hair follicles and are placed into areas on bald parts of the head through surgical incisions.

Once these grafts are placed, they will become one with the scalp. The length of surgery time is between 5-10 hours per appointment and can require either local or general anesthesia. Frequency of visits will vary depending on factors including the size of the transplant area, individual hair loss patterns, hair density and color of hair vs. skin.

Most male patients require 1-2 appointments, while females may need several more to achieve desired hair density. These appointments can be spread months apart, depending on each individual. Diagnosis for HTS candidates include diagnostic tests such as scalp biopsy, hair pull, total iron binding capacity (TIBC) and complete blood count (CBC). These should be performed by the hair surgeon prior to surgery to determine rogaine male pattern baldness.

How to find a surgeon for HTS? The best source is from the American Hair Loss Association, since surgical hair restoration is unregulated by the government and medical community. Avoid referrals from hairstylists, radio or TV, infomercials, yellow pages, family, friends and medical doctors. Only a handful of surgeons are qualified to perform HTS in the U.S. During a consultation, the surgeon should examine each patient’s head by using a Hair Densitometer and take a detailed medical history.

The patient can ask to see at least 15 before and after hair implants or ask to speak to 6 patients that the surgeon has treated. The surgeon should also mention possible risks such as infection, scalp numbness, bleeding and scarring or the possible re-do if the grafts don’t “take”. Procedures to avoid include thinning of the scalp, scalp expansion and reduction, flap/ hair flaps, linear or line grafts, round or square grafts and hairlifts, since these techniques are outdated.


Homemade Beauty Tips For New Mothers

new mother beauty tips

After giving birth, many mothers feel a flood of emotions. Now that your new bundle of joy is here your thoughts are probably centered around a number of things such as taking care of your baby, feeding times, getting together with family and friends to welcome the new addition to your family, etc. However, new mothers should also allow time to focus on themselves. The following beauty tips don’t require a lot of time or effort and can be done right at home so it won’t take any time away from your little one.

There is a homemade beauty remedy for virtually every part of your body. Are you concerned about your hands and feet? For many women, pregnancy is a time when they are not able to tend to their extremities as much as they would like, mainly the feet. It isn’t uncommon for pregnant women to joke that they have not seen their feet in months. To an extent this is true. A growing belly makes it difficult for a new mother to effectively take care of her feet or even bend down to touch them.

One home remedy that works for the feet include using shea butter that is either refined or unrefined as a moisturizer. This is a natural and safe way to fight dry, cracked skin and with prolonged use it can even soften rough calluses. Apply a generous amount of shea butter to your feet before and after your bath or shower to get the best results. If your feet and/or hands are extremely dry and cracked, you can apply the shea butter to the area and then cover it up with a pair of cotton socks or cotton gloves. Wearing these while you sleep will allow the shea butter to deeply penetrate the skin.

Need to revitalize your complexion? You can accomplish this without even leaving the house. If you are having problems with blackheads or clogged pores you can use a soft nailbrush and apply a gentle foaming cleanser to remove dirt, oil and other surface debris from your complexion and tighten your pores. This type of cleansing is gentle on the skin and doesn’t require any chemicals. When it comes to your face you can even use certain baby products in your skincare routine. For example, baby wipes can effectively remove deodorant from your clothes. Additionally, baby wipes are great for removing makeup.

Because your complexion tends to undergo many changes during pregnancy and after giving birth, you may want to switch up your skincare products. Make a note of how your skin reacts to the products you regularly use. If a negative reaction develops or if your skin no longer responds, then it may be time to look into getting new products. One way to achieve glowing skin from head to toe is to continue to make water your beverage of choice. Adding a diet rich in antioxidants and free of refined foods is another way you can get healthy skin.


Is Breast Actives Worth Its Price? Breast Enhancement Cream & Pills Review 2017

breast actives price

Before we talk about Breast Actives price it is essential to know that from the ancient era itself, most of the women have shown good interest in the development of breasts to a substantial extent. If we compare the ancient times with the contemporary one then would find that these days its lot easier to find the right source and product for breast enlargement.

Breast Actives are highly popular in the market for offering fast and effective results. But most of the people always remain concerned regarding the Breast Actives price and a reliable source to access it. When it is about the prices then you will be happy to know that if you are purchasing the original product from the market then it will cost you reasonable.

Yes, the right official sources available for you online will help you to find that product at an inexpensive rate so that you can easily complete the course of breast enlargement according to the requirement. Due to the combination of the herbal ingredients and no role of allopathic components at all, it is feasible to manufacture this quality product at cheap rate.

When you compare the price of Breast Actives in the market, you will find that this concerned product is cheaper than both the conventional and modern breast enlargement products. Due to the highly effective Breast Actives ingredients, the product quickly made a special place among the major segment of women. Although due to the herbal ingredients the price is low and the usage does not result in side effects at all. But still, if you are undergoing any other sort of medical treatment or suffering from a serious disorder then it is advisable to consult your doctor in advance.

It is necessary to note that the price of this breast enlargement product depends on several factors. The cost of shipment to your hometown is also included within the overall price and the bill is dispatched to you. The quality and the results of the product are outstanding in themselves and you are not required to worry about it all. But please make sure that you undergo the specialized source offering the product online in your area. It will help you to minimize the expenditure related to the shipment and help you to avail a fair and transparent deal.

You know or you may not know that, the Breast Actives price is also dependent upon the duties and the taxes that are paid during the process of transportation. It is noteworthy that all the combined charges for the transportation of this breast enlargement product will be paid by the person who is ordering it online. Although it will not be a big amount but still it slightly influence the overall the payment that you are required to make in order to bring the product home.

This breast enlargement product is certainly reliable and a far better option when compared to the breast surgeries and implants. If you were concerned about the prices that you have to pay for this product then you must be relieved by knowing that it is not expensive at all if you are purchasing it from the official online source.