Why is this happening?

We’re giving broccoli some much needed love. It’s great for you, it tastes great , and it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.  We want New Haveners to eat healthy and we want them to eat broccoli.

We’re also going to show that a community can get together to advertise something important.

Whether it is healthy food or anti-violence campaigns, cities can come together to provide discounted and free ways for an important message to be heard.

Who is behind this?

Locally, a team of community businesses, Yale students Adam Goff, Drew Morrison and Monica Dileo and New Haven residents have thought up this project and made it happen.  The Yale Student Environmental Coalition through its Food Action group, the Calhoun College Master’s Office Class of 1959 Fund, and Victors & Spoils have provided financial support.

Victors & Spoils, an advertising firm based in Colorado, partnered with the New York Times to re-imagine broccoli.  You can see that effort here. They have created the images spreading across New Haven and provided significant technical support to this endeavor.